The Mandate of a Criminal Defense Attorney

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A criminal defense attorney or lawyer is a learned professional of the law equipped with the legal knowledge of representing suspected criminals or companies in a court of law. This type of lawyer might provide private or public services depending on the nature of his employment. Since law and order is a pre-requisite and that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, fair representation is necessary. Under the law, any criminal is considered innocent until proven guilty. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the defense lawyer to ensure that all the evidence presented in court against the court is completely neutralized. Hence defense attorneys work hard to ensure that their clients, innocent or not never get locked up in jail.

Countries all over the world require the services of criminal defense attorneys. That is why each province, county or state has its public attorney who is available at all times to represent clients who cannot afford their private Child Custody Lawyer Edmonton AB. However, it is always the aim of this type of attorney to strive by ensuring that the case does not go to court. In the onset of a disagreement, a criminal defense attorney looks at all the provided claims and tries to see if there is a slight chance that the defendant can substantially compensate the plaintiff. It is only when a fair settlement cannot be arrived at that the case proceeds to court for hearing.

Also, the defense attorneys ensure that the civil rights of his client are not violated. This is because many times when someone is suspected of a crime, fellow citizens already paint him as guilty. However, this is not always the case as such a person might have been at the right place but at the wrong time when the crime was taking place. As a lawyer, he ensures that his client receives proper treatment in court and from the plaintiff and government at large. He should not be disrespected in any way.

Criminal defense attorneys are in their right watchdogs. This is because they are compelled to carry out their independent investigations so as to ensure that their clients who in certain circumstances happen to be innocent are not jailed. Also, they ensure that the real criminals are lawfully prosecuted and that they do not go Scott free. This, therefore, makes the work of a Child Support Lawyer Edmonton AB integral in ensuring that the constitutional rights of every person are upheld, guilty or not.


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